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Key Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP

Cloud based system among companies are prevalent today. The main reasons why companies are considering using an ERP system is to automate, integrate, and digitize their activities. Inhouse EPR systems have many issues; consequently, business is migrating to cloud solutions. You should consider cloud-based ERP because of the following reasons.

The primary advantage of shifting your ERP to the cloud environment is due to the improved performance. Set up and continuous maintenance are things that you will have to accomplish if you are using an inhouse ERP. If you execute these two tasks wrongly, the performance in your organisation is going to suffer. The cloud-based service provider is going to ensure that your system is maintained at the right time. This will guarantee that your company is performing at peak.

There will be significant reductions in the operating cost in the company. Expenses associated with an in-house ERP solutions are the purchase of the software, permit, and hardware to supports it. Moreover, you will have to hire qualified people to come and install the program. Handling these costs will be a challenge for the small and medium-sized businesses. Monthly service fee is the only thing that you shall be required to pay when you opt for the cloud-based ERP. Therefore, the total cost of implementing the software will be relatively low. There is no doubt that cost will reduce if you implement cloud-based ERP correctly.

Moreover, a cloud-based solution is going to boost the data security. Remember that the ERP system is going to help in the management of the process in your business such as procurement, supply chain management, accounting, project management, and risk management. All these processes have confidential information; you will, therefore, need to ensure that unauthorized people do not get access to it. However, if you migrate your environment to the cloud, you are assured of safety because the provider put in measures that protect your data. Administrators in the company are provided with cloud tools that allow them to monitor anyone who is accessing their data.

By using cloud solutions, you will get 24/7 support. For any problem that you have, the provider will provide fast solutions. You need to know that using outdated ERP in your company makes it vulnerable for hacking. However, the cloud provider will make an effort to make sure that your cloud solutions are up to date.

Microsoft Dynamic GP cloud is the most commonly used cloud-based ERP. As you have already seen, there are many benefits of cloud-based solutions, and thus you should consider migrating your current Dynamics GP environment straight to the cloud. The best provider of cloud hosting for Microsoft Dynamic GP is Isolutions.

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