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What you should know about Drug Possession Laws

It is important to understand that there are a variety of drugs out there. In addition some of these drugs are not legal while other can be easily acquired and freely used. Below is what you should know about drug possession laws.

First and very important on the list is to understand how different countries and states stipulate different laws surrounding drug possession. Most of these laws can be directed to all hard drugs or to certain ones. Keep in mind that where one state allows the use of a certain drug the same drug can be illegal or controlled in another state or country. A good example is marijuana which in some countries is illegal even for medical purposes, in other countries it is allowed only for medical purposes hence one must have a doctor’s prescription to possess it and in other countries it is allowed for recreational purposes. Therefore, keep in mind where in one state a drug might be legal it can be a different case in another state.

One must know what charges are placed for possession of drugs in the different states they visit before they visit. Where in some countries possessing controlled substances might lead to jail time and other punitive measures, other states prefer lenient measures such as rehabilitation and fines. Those who are arrested for possession are luckier than those with intentions to distribute. Hence as you move from state to state ensure you are aware of their laws relating to possession of drugs. This way you will not be taken by surprise when the local authorities arrest you.

Well, the case is different when it comes to having an intention to distribute drugs. These charges are more complicated and one does not easily get away with a slap on the wrist. One should know that restrictions on what you do will be made and you are most likely to face thorough consequences. Some of the likely measures will be facing ail time and having a record taken which might affect your future ob seeking chances. It is not important what drug you have an intent to distribute as long as it is illegally being distributed you are prone to these charges. Thus when thinking of venturing into the drug distribution sector ensure its all according to the law of your state.

The last but very important note to keep in mind always is that in the event you are arrested, silence is always an option. Whenever you find yourself in such a scenario it is advisable to not say a lot in order to prove you are innocent until your lawyer is present. It is advisable to cooperate with the authorities until you find a lawyer but ensure you do not say anything to them that might end up incriminating you. The lawyer will try to take note on whether you were aware of the presence of these drugs, the effects they have and the charges you are likely to face. Thus, from this he will be able to plan for your defense.

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