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Great Tips for Caring for Naturally Curly Hair.

If you though the only hair types were curly or straight you will be surprised to learn that there are actually 14 different hair types. The major differences when it comes to hair types is in the feel of the hair and the look. If you have curly hair you will understand how much work is needed in caring for it. Curly hair is gorgeous but you have to be patient with it and be willing to put in the extra work so that it can remain beautiful. This should not make you despise your hair type though. When you are aware of the things you have to do when it comes to curly hair, you can pick out what will leave your hair looking good but also fit your lifestyle. You can then develop a hair care routine based on the information. As long as you know what has to be done, caring for curly hair will not be frustrating. First of all, you have to be mindful of the process of drying curly hair.

For people with straight hair, it only takes a blow drier to do this. This is harmful though when you have curly hair. If time is on your side you can just sit outside and wait for the hair to dry naturally. When time is limited you can use a soft towel to dry the hair but ensure you have sectioned it. A cotton t-shirt is also a great item in the drying process for those who have curly hair. The cotton t-shirts are loved for their gentleness and the fact that they do not strip all moisture from your hair. You also have to know how to detangle curly hair. Once the hair is wetted you should expect it to tangle. The best way to remove kinks or knots is by finger detangling and that is where you should start. If you can find a great detangler the better.

This should be followed by combing using a wide-toothed comb and then you can work through it with a finer comb. Using a hairbrush on curly hair will damage the hair and also weaken it. Keeping your hair hydrated is an important step too. Actually, it is not just for the curly hair but all hair types. When you hydrate the tresses you will prevent breakage and also improve the elasticity of your hair. During winter you should opt for heavier oils to seal the hair from elements. For summer, use the lighter ones. Natural humectants can be used throughout the year.

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