He sleeps too well

The cooler room in the apartment was chosen as the place of the bedroom. Cooler climate for sleep does not matter, on the contrary it is pleasant. You know how you like to stay in the fluffy duvet, so that you fall asleep like kittens in the soft and warm duvet. It doesn't matter so much, but it's hard to fall asleep in a wild red environment or in a black, grey or otherwise dark room.
Accessories in related soft tones
Do people like pink? Thus, rather women, men prefer light blue, green or coffee. Orange is a pretty pleasant color for sleep, but it's quite distractually. The bedroom can be any, but do not overfill it with many useless, in temperance is cleanliness and beauty. Simple lines, paintings and unbiannual stylized curtains, curtains, pillows. Clean work, comfortable light impression.