I didn’t like cycling

For a long time I felt that cycling is a beautiful sport, thanks to which you go to nature and recognize a piece of the world, but it seemed too laborious. I'm not a muscular, slender, and sinew type of person who, with a smile on his lips, took 60 km and then could go for an evening to walk around the area. I could not imagine that I enjoyed the view from the top of the hill, which I consumed all the life forces.
Mistaken presumptions
With this idea I came to discover the surroundings of my city, or even any part of the Republic, most unsuitable just on the bike, so I walked on foot. It was also not bad, but the knowledge slower, especially if two beautiful places farther apart and among them nothing much interesting. Then I noticed that pedelecs were a big hit. I tried to borrow one and since then they are my new life style!