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How to Choose a Fiber Photometry System Supplier

Fiber photometry system is particularly useful in laboratories that experiment on rat brains and mice brains for research purposes. If your laboratory requires brand new fiber photometry systems, knowing which supplier to purchase is an important thing. There are plenty of online stores these days that sell these systems but what matters is for you to be able to choose a supplier that can cater to your most specific needs. Picking the right supplier will surely have something to do with the quality of your experimental results. These are the points that you must take into account in the process.

How to Choose a Fiber Photometry System Supplier

1. Choose a widely trusted system.

If you have never transacted with a fiber photometry system supplier before, then it is likely for you to be confused initially. If you do not look very closely, it will seem to you that all the suppliers open for business right now are just one and the same. In order to avoid making the wrong pick of a supplier, one factor that you should take into account is the reliability of the company. In order to be helped in making this critical choice, it is important that you do a research of the business’ background in terms of their length of experience, associations, clients supplied with their products and other details. You can also solicit advices and recommendations from other big laboratories who have done your experiments over the years.

2. Contact the company to gather initial ideas of their service.

The company’s customer service is the second factor you must take into consideration in this task. Although it is true that fiber photometry systems are widely available these days, there are specific occasions that your lab would be needing something different and unique to meet your experiment goals and needs. Therefore, it is really important that you are able to go for a fiber photometry system supplier that can assist you well with your needs and inquiries and can provide you with the type of systems that you laboratory is in need of.

3. Pick a Seller That Offers a Better Price

Any laboratory comes with a set of goals and for sure, one of them is to be able to perform experiments in a cost-friendly way. Hence, it is important to also choose a fiber photometry system supplier that can offer you a better pricing for the devices that you want to order, especially discounts if you will purchasing more than one item. It is also important for the company to be able to provide a seamless delivery service.

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