We have an idea and measure, we can trade

Now, armed with the idea of what our new sofa is to meet and the dimensions of the space we have, we are going to choose. Where? Manufacturers are many, traders even more, to do online stores. Try for larger established companies that have their own presentational spaces, where you can not only look at the models, but also practice them. Remember that what you will enjoy at first glance may not be suitable for sitting, you are accustomed to, or lying so as not to hurt your back. Try the posez, rather a long time, let the bed decompose, lie down on it, try the stiffness of the mattress and grate if they are part of the couch.
Familiarize yourself with the disassembly mechanism
Let the sofa-bed system and the opening of the storage space be showcased. Simpler mechanisms are usually not so susceptible to damage, or wear as complex mechanisms, consisting of many different components.